Tenth meeting of the Basel Convention Implementation and Compliance Committee

Paris, France, from 5 to 6 December 2013

Venue: Direction Générale de la Prévention des Risques Ministère de l'Ecologie, du Développement Durable et de l'Energie, Arche de la Défense Paroi Nord, salle 27N46, La Défense, Paris, France. The meeting will be opened at 9 a.m.

Highlights: The Committee Administering the Committee for Administering the Mechanism for Promoting the Implementation and Compliance is expected to continue the consideration of its 2012-2013 work programme as well as initiate activities pertaining to its 2014-2015 work programme. As requested by the Conference of the Parties, the Committee is to give priority to dealing with specific submissions regarding party implementation and compliance received or initiated in accordance with paragraph 9 of the terms of reference. In this context, the Committee is expected to consider a submission received by Oman as well as submissions regarding the following 8 Parties: Bhutan, Cape Verde, Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Libya, Swaziland and Togo. The Committee is also expected to consider general issues of implementation and compliance pertaining to national reporting, legislation, the control system, illegal traffic, insurance, bond and guarantee, as well as the Manual for the implementation of the Convention. A special half-day session will take place on the morning of Friday 6 December to promote a dialogue with other compliance bodies. Chairs of the compliance bodies of the ESPOO Convention, Cartagena Protocol, the Montreal Protocol, the London Protocol, the Kyoto Protocol, the International Treat on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture and CITES, as well as the representatives of the Secretariats of these treaties, have been invited to attend the session.

Registration: Thursday 5 December 2013 from 8 a.m.

Working language: English.

Paperless meeting: The meeting will be paperless: printed documents will not be available, all pre-session documents will be made available on the Convention website.

Funding: Funding for the meeting is provided by the Government of Japan, with co-funding from the European Union and its member States.

Report of the meeting  English